My heart goes out to the folks on CCL Splendor

by Texaspepper | November 9th, 2010

The poor folks on the Carnival Splendor . . .stranded in the Pacific Ocean. Ship lost all refrigeration, all food in the fig, A/C and now they are flying in food from the Ronald Regan Aircraft Carrier to the the CCL Splendor. I had to laugh when I saw the NBC Nightly News tonight -not at or because of the passengers sad plight, but. . .they are flying in hundreds of cases of Spam. . not the email but the real deal. Spam in the can. OMG. . .two weeks ago Linda and I were on Carnival Ecstasy out of Galveston, TX for a five day cruise. . .had lobster, tiger shrimp, prime rib, steak, fresh mahi mahi fish. . .now these folks get Spam in a can. Bet there will be some guys on board with military backgrounds that can remember Spam. Passengers will recall in later times the MDR. . .”Yes, we had Spam with rice, eggs or such.” Bless their hearts. . .it is going to be a LONG trip from Ensenada is Tijuana then US buses to Long Beach.

Here is our latest photos of Ecstasy cruise link.

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