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Texaspepper At Akumal Beach Resort Aug 26-Sept 2, 2012
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:01:22 AM »
Made to to Akumal Beach Resort Sunday evening about 6:30pm. Should have been here about 1:30pm but AA flight changes and 1 hour delay. Monday was paradise with full sun and nice breeze. Sitting in the Moonrise until 6pm and then the shower, dinner and sang "New York, New York" in the theater Karaoke. Food is still as good as ever. All the staff and managers remembered me greeting me by my name. This trip my wife, Linda joined me and we are having fun and enjoying paradise together. Light showers this morning and predicted for next 3 days in the mornings.

I was told that Sunday 250 guests checked out by the end of the day. Glad we were delayed as we would have been stuck in the massive check out crowd. Not crowed this week anywhere. Beach, dinning, main bar, Moonrise bar . . .no crowds. Lots of Italians here this week and a few Canadians and Americans. End of day 1, 2 report. Photos
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