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Closed in mid-2006. Many of us enjoyed several wonderful stays CMT. If you miss CMT, you will love Akumal Beach Resort. Very much like former CMT in location, quality, service and friendly staff. In fact buildings 5, 6 and 7 were copied exact from CMT by the ABR architect. I am headed back to ABR August 26, 2012 for another 7 nights stay.

I was contacted by a large travel website owner in Europe who stated he walked down the old CMT and was just appalled at what he saw. He saw my photos of the old CMT and asked if he could use the photos to write a story about CMT and possible comments comparing ABR to CMT. Of course I said please do. Let you know when it is completed.

Any LG's going to be at ABR during my stay. Had 2 or 3 thus far going to be there at the same time. If you would care to see the CMT Memories Flash Movie I put together they can be viewed

UPDATE:  Raymond Walsh owner of the Travel Website "Man On The Lam" just contacted me to tell me the News story is up on the website. It is a shocking present day photo presentation and story of the current Club Meava Tulum
Exploring an Abandoned Beach Resort in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera
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Tell them you saw it on "Texaspepper's Mexico Cruise & Resort Review Board"

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