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Cruise RCCL or Carnival?
« on: August 02, 2011, 06:57:55 PM »
Lido Deck Bars services in the pool area dies down about 5pm and when the crowd around the pool leaves the demand is down. Found this so on Fantasy, Ecstasy, Conquest, Elation, Holiday also.

Remember, those who have early dinning at 6:15 are in their rooms getting ready and now that it gets dark at 5:45pm the Lido Deck dies except for the smokers who sit on Lido port side to smoke.

Here is a photo of the Lido Deck on the Ecstasy taken about 6:45PM on Oct 26, 2010. This was formal night dinning and as you can see it is empty of people. All getting read for dinner or already at 6:15PM dinning

Been on Ecstasy twice in the last 12 months and have to say the it was the most friendly staff of any and all the Carnival cruises we have been on.

A cruise is what you make of it. Think about those just off the Splendor in San Diego, CA. I like to sing in the CCL Talent Shows and on the Conquest in the Legend shows. . .have fun and get to meet staff and guest. Meet people sitting on the Lido Deck. . .learn about their life. Get off in some of the ports and experience the culture and experience the food in the ports of call. Talk with the wait staff, room stewards and get to know their lives and family.

Buffet on any given ship is a chance call. We cruised RCCL five times and on the Voyager of the Seas 15 Day Barcelona to Galveston. It was good and then it was a miss. Been on 10 Carnival cruises. . .Conquest has the best Mongolian Grill and the Sea Food Bar up top of the Buffet. Great fried clams, oysters, fish and fries. Always fresh. Just returned from Carnival Ecstasy l10/30/10. OMG . . .the hamburger fresh cooked are to die for. RCCL only puts out the cooked burgers under a lamp and you get it when you get it in line.

I mentioned to them about the burgers under a heat lamp on the 15 Day T/A and on our last RCCL 01/10/10 Voyager of the Seas. The Windjammer Manger, Fati, whom I got go know pretty well, kind of said, they are pushing Johnny Rockets on the 12th deck where you pay $4.95 for the fresh cooked burgers. A couple of times on our cruise, we got coupon books with one free JR's burger for two. They are wonderful and the wait staff show is worth the price.

Have a look at the Ecstasy Burger Bar on the Lido Deck. Fresh, hot and juicy . . .OMG. . .I want a burger tonight.

Have to say, Carnival is doing a great job on Ecstasy to provide quality service and food. I was impressed. Some of the better food in the MDR I have enjoyed in some time on any cruise. Great service in dinning as well as the room steward. Can't say much for the Reggie Band at the pool on the Lido deck.

My lobster and tiger shrimp on Ecstasy 10/25/10. Served with a smile from our wait staff. Tender, hot and full of favor.

Our great room stewards. From left to right, George our steward from 08/09 Ecstasy, Irina (wife of Jose), Jose and Dewa our U81 stateroom stewards for 10/25/10 Cruise providing excellent service!

IMHO, a cruise is what you do to make it fun for you. Shows? Ya, see them but that is not the total cruise. When it comes right down to it, what do all of us remember about our time on the ship?

The service and the food. IMHO, that is the deciding factor that separates RCCL, CCL, HAL, NCL, Costa, Princess, and the rest. A stateroom is a stateroom. It may vary in size or amenities and layout, but like everyone that cruises. . .don't spend a whole lot of time in the stateroom. No matter what. . .we'll still keep on cruising. Key. . .treat others like you would like to be treated. Smile a lot and tip extra for over the top service personal and service when provided.

Since Galveston is our port of choice living in Texas, we have Carnival year around to cruise and Royal Caribbean Nov though mid April. In 2011 it will be CCL Magic and CCl Triumph. Then Mid Nov to mid April the RCCL Mariner of the Seas. Going to be a new choices for Galveston cruises. Still, a bad day on a cruise is better than a day at work at home. We'll cruise RCCL and CCL . . .each has their own merits and quality.

BTW. . .you can view all our Carnival Cruise and Royal Caribbean Photos at my web site.
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