Author Topic: What Are Your Top 5 Memories Of Your First Cruise?  (Read 5575 times)

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What Are Your Top 5 Memories Of Your First Cruise?
« on: August 16, 2010, 03:43:23 PM »
What Are Your Top 5 Memories Of Your First Cruise?   Many of us have sailed more than once, but the first cruise was filled with anticipation, wonder and perhaps many other thoughts.  Since that first cruise there have been several on CCL, RCL NCL. . .but the first one still stands out.

My first cruise was on board P&O SS Canberra sailing 16 days from Los Angeles, CA to Auckland, New Zealand.  So my top 5 are:

#5  Arriving at the pier in San Pedro, CA and see the ship from the car
#4  Standing on the deck throwing long streamers over the side of the ship
#3  Hearing the ships horn blasting as the ship pulled back from the pier
#2  Cruising under the Gold Gate Bridge in San Francisco for 1st port of call
#1  Six days at sea in the South Pacific after leaving Hawaii and enjoying the incredible dinning each night on this proud British Ship that is no longer in service. Her last cruise was September 10--30, 1997. She was scrapped a few year later.  I have the mini life raft of P&O Canberra hanging on my office wall.  Circa Oct 1969.

SS Canberra At Dock Sydney, Australia preparing for her final cruise.
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